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TITAN GEL Original

Original price was: د.إ 300.Current price is: د.إ 175.

How to use - you should daily inwork the gel into your penis strictly following the direction:

- use the gel after taking a shower applying it to the clean body two times per day at morning and evening - inwork a small quantity of the gel intensively along the whole length of the penis - wait until the gel is absorbed. This can take up to several minutesThis product is extracted from ginseng, which is an important part in helping to enhance the sexual intercourse.It also consists of a mixture of chestnuts, ginger, ginkgo, which helps blood circulation in the tissue surrounding thanks to special herbs from Brazil (Muira Puama).Titan Gel stimulates sexual arousal and enhances male hormones; improves blood circulation and metabolism, prevents from diseases of the prostate, and mixture of synthetic and natural oils help prevents friction of the genital skin